Milford Farm was established in 1963, a family run business in its second generation.  Throughout the fifty years we have been proud producers of our barn reared white and free range bronze turkeys.
The turkeys continue to be given optimum levels of Stockmanship and Husbandry, ensuring the highest possible quality of life - this includes plenty of space, heat and light.
Food is milled on site from home grown cereals and the birds are processed and packed in our licensed premises - minimising food miles and ensuring sustainability.
Free Range Bronze Turkeys
Our traditional, free range bronze turkeys are free to roam across
Milford's luscious green meadow. They are hand reared and carefully
nurtured from pasture to plate. We use slow growing old English
traditional breeds such as the Norfolk Black and Devon Bronze.

  1. Stunning Stag
    Stunning Stag
  2. Bronze Beauties
    Bronze Beauties
  3. A Selection of Bronze
    A Selection of Bronze
  4. Bronze Hen
    Bronze Hen
Barn Reared White Turkeys
Our turkeys are reared here in Yorkshire from one day old, in open air
barns flooded with natural light. They have fresh bedding every day and a
continuous water and food supply consisting of grain cereals sourced
from local farms and made exclusively at Milford.

  1. White Stags
    White Stags
  2. White Turkeys
    White Turkeys
  3. Barn Reared Whites
    Barn Reared Whites
  4. Barn Reared Whites
    Barn Reared Whites