Milford Farm is a family run business in it’s second generation, based in the heart of Yorkshire. Commencing in May each year there is a steady flow of day old poults arriving to start their slow growth ‘Journey’ through till Christmas. We pride ourselves on our poultry husbandry and the quality of life of each bird is of paramount importance on this farm. Find out more about out story below.

Operating for the past sixty years, in the heart of Yorkshire, we have been proud producers of our spectacular Free Range Bronze & Barn Reared White Turkeys.

The turkeys continue to be given optimum levels of Stockmanship & Husbandry, ensuring the highest possible quality of life – this includes plenty of space, 100% renewable heat & natural light.

Food is milled on site from home grown cereals and the birds are processed & packed in our licensed premises – minimising Food Miles, ensuring Sustainability and a Low Carbon Footprint.


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  • 1963

    George Woodall moved to Scat House at the birth of the poultry industry. Working elsewhere he began by rearing a few turkeys for Christmas. Over the Years, he developed a 300 sow breeding & fattening unit, and slaughtered chickens for the local butchers.

  • 1998

    Now in it’s second generation, Charlie & Louise Woodall invested in a state of the art cutting room and made extensive improvements to the existing slaughterhouse. This allowed the specialisation in Christmas Turkeys and quality poultry products, supplying to the whole of Yorkshire.

  • 2020

    With the help of the third generation of Woodalls, we started to develop our own turkey themed homebrewed beer and renovated our shop area – adapting the retail experience to allow our customers to feel safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Today

    Although the farm has developed & diversified over the past sixty years, our core values have remained at the heart of what we do – rearing animals to our highest welfare standards and thus producing the best quality produce for the folk of Yorkshire.