Welcome to Milford Farm Hog Roast for Yorkshire folk!
We aim to provide your event with the best locally sourced Yorkshire pork you have ever tasted.
Check out what we have on offer and get in touch to let us know how we can make your party crackle as well as pop.

Wedding Catering



To guarantee the pork is succulent, tender and topped off with that all-important layer of crackling,
our Chestnut Pigs are slow roasted and tended for 8 hours before we deliver the hog directly to your soiree.
All you need is a group of guests whom enjoy a taste of tradition and have a healthy appetite.

We deliver the Hog ready for
your catering staff to Carve & Serve

Prices start from
  • Includes:
  • Slow Roasted Chestnut Pig (70kg approx.)
  • – Catering for up to 150 ppl (approx.)
    • – Delivery (Within a 50 mile radius of Milford Farm)
  • Excludes:
  • Catering staff to Carve & Serve
  • Stuffing
  • – Extra condiments (Apple Sauce etc.)
  • – Bread Buns

Get in touch if you need our team to Carve & Serve the Hog and supply the extra accompaniments – Bread Buns, Stuffing, Apple Sauce etc

(Additional charges apply)


Here at Milford Farm, we’ve been searching for the secret to perfect pork for years – now, we’re pretty sure we’ve cracked it!


The Chestnut Pig is a three-way cross that produces good, honest pork, like it used to be: meltingly tender, wonderfully juicy & tasty as hell!


We have the Duroc pig from the United States to thank for it. This remarkable breed is known as ‘the Black Angus of Pork’ – in tribute to its layer of intramuscular fat. Their Duroc heritage is what gives them distinctively dark, beautifully marbled and ruddy chestnut coloured flesh. And, of course, the unbeatably succulent flavour of their pork.


The Duroc crosses are given the best care from individuals with a lifetimes experience in pig husbandry. They are fed with a home-made blend of fine grains sourced from neighbouring farms with next to zero food miles involved.

You can only produce premium products if you begin with quality from the get go – we are here to ensure that you get the BOSS HOG!