Pigs in Blankets


(10 per pack)

A Christmas family favourite, be sure to stock up on a few packs of these.

Wensleydale Bacon


(454g min)

Based in North-East England, Wensleydale Bacon Ltd, has served the region for more than 30 years. The Streaky and Back Bacon are a perfect addition to any Christmas Dinner.

Charlie’s Sausage


(770g min)

Using pork from the pigs grown here at Milford farm. Charlie has been honing his secret signature sausage recipe for the past 30 years. Produced both fat & thin, either way you won’t be disappointed with the final product.

Charlie’s Sausage Meat


(500g min)

The meat from Charlie’s secret signature sausage recipe is perfect for giving your stuffing that extra edge. Your family won’t know what’s hit them.