Want to Stock a Milford Farm Turkey?

We are proud to deliver the highest quality produce and are always on the look out for new businesses that have shared integrity. Our values and ethos all point towards a sustainable product without any compromise on taste.


Our Refrigerated vehicles deliver our Birds to a wide range of businesses throughout Yorkshire.
We supply Farm Shops, Independent Butchers, Restaurants and Event Caterers to name but a few.
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Our Headliners

The Free Range Bronze Turkey

Unlock a richer and gamier taste with our signature bird which is a “Taste of Tradition” that will be sure to leave your customers wanting more.
(Also available as a Turkey Butterfly)

The Barn Reared White Turkey

A prime example of a top quality product at proper, local, value. Reared here at Milford Farm, in barns flooded with natural light and sustainable heat source – a firm favourite for a perfect Christmas centrepiece.
(Also available as a Turkey Butterfly)

The Alternative Birds

As well as our signature birds we offer a Yorkshire style Capon, Ducks and Geese if you want to provide your customers with alternative to the traditional turkey.

The Process

From Our Poults to Your Public

We take pride in the fact that throughout the whole process the birds are given the best quality of life and delivered to you with the highest level of respect and attention. This ensures you can pass on our great tasting Birds to your fellow Yorkshire folk.

The development of our birds on Milford Farm begins when they are delivered as Day-Old Poults. After spending their lives with access to Milford’s Meadow and locally sourced grains, our Signature Birds are processed here at Milford Farm. We have an on-site Slaughter House which is connected to our processing & packing facility, where our enthusiastic & experienced team ensure all our birds are “Oven-Body Ready”. Having the ability to do this on-site reduces stress on the bird which simultaneously improves their quality. They are then gas-flushed to maintain their fresh quality until the main event.

Once boxed the turkeys are transferred to our extensive fridge space, where they are stored at between 1 – 2oC until they are delivered to you via our Refrigerated vans or collected in our shop.