Free Range Bronze


This is our Free Range Bronze bird. Grazing across Milford’s luscious green meadow, allows the flock to access more natural behaviours, which unlocks a richer and gamier taste in the meat. Our signature bird is a “Taste of Tradition” that will be sure to leave your family wanting more.

Barn Reared White


A prime example of a top quality product at proper, local, value. Reared here at Milford Farm, in barns flooded with natural light and sustainable heat source. White pin feathers become less visible when the bird is dressed, making it a firm favourite for perfect centerpiece for the Christmas table.



As an alternative to the whole bird, why not try a succulent breast joint. It’s the same fantastic signature homegrown Turkey, but just without the bone. With plenty to spare for those all important Turkey sandwiches, it will be sure to leave no one disappointed.