60 years of proudly specialising in homegrown and hand reared turkeys for you and your families during the festive period. Based in the heart of Yorkshire, it’s our mission to provide the highest quality produce whilst continuing to deliver proper, local, value – without the Gobble! Gobble!

We still have plenty of Frozen Turkeys on offer (Whole & Butterfly), as well as your favourite Christmas Trimmings, all at a fantastic price – It’s the same great taste, but just kept on ice for you and your families to enjoy in the rest of the year.

We are by no means claiming to be world class chefs, but we have eaten more than our fair share of Turkey. Here is a rough guide and some hints/tips we have picked up over the past 60 years.

This guide should hopefully give you some idea of how many people your bird will feed. If you are still unsure then please do not hestiate to get in contact or ask one of our team on collection.

It might come as no surprise, but here at Milford Farm the Team have tried pretty much every combination of a Turkey based meal and their derivatives – and derivatives or those derivatives. Here are some of our favourites that have kept us going over the past few years – especially throughout the festive period.

From Our Poults to Your Public

We will provide your event with the best locally sourced Yorkshire pork you have ever tasted.
Check out what we have on offer and get in touch to let us know how we can make your party crackle as well as pop!

Preparation: <30 mins Cooking: 30-60 mins Serves: Makes 2 Pints Ingredients Turkey Giblets 1 bay leaf 1 sprig of thyme 4 black peppercorns ½ onion, sliced pan juices from the roast turkey 25g/1oz plain flour salt and pepper Directions Place the giblets in a saucepan and cover with 2 pints of water. Add the bay leaf, thyme, peppercorns and onion. Bring to …

Preparation: 10 mins Cooking: 30 mins Serves: 4 Ingredients 1 medium green pepper, seeded and diced 25g (1 oz) butter 10ml (2 tsp) oil 100g (4 oz) mushrooms, sliced 25g (1 oz) flour 150ml (1/4 pint) stock 150ml (1/4 pint) fresh milk 350g (12 oz) cooked turkey meat, cut into bite-size pieces 150ml (5fl oz) …

Preparation: 10 mins Cooking: 5 mins Serves: 1-2 Ingredients 4 slice toastie maker 4 Slices of Bread Butter Cranberry sauce Leftover Turkey Stuffing Balls Ham or Bacon bits (optional) Sausage (optional) Blue Cheese Directions Butter the 4 slices of bread, and lay 2 slices butter side down in the toastie maker. Spread cranberry sauce on …