It would be remiss of us not to give our White Turkeys the credit they deserve – in many ways these birds are the workhorse (or workturkey) of the industry, as they herald as the most widely raised breed of domestic turkey.

The Workhorse (or Workturkey) of the Industry

Our turkeys are reared here in Yorkshire from one day old, in open air barns flooded with natural light. They have fresh bedding every day; a continuous water supply; and the heating is generated from our Biomass boiler which is fed with recycled woodchip, making it 100% renewable.

Turkey Trivia: The excess skin around
the neck is called the “Wattle”

They are very strong and hardy birds with a very high climate tolerance and a docile temperament. Their shorter breast bones allow for the development of a larger breast meaning they actually produce more breast meat than that of the Bronze – giving you more bang for your buck!

Homegrown and Hand-Reared

Our traditional breed is more mature at the time of slaughter meaning there are larger amounts of intramuscular fat making for that all important succulents – this is just one example of how we breed for quality rather than weight, unlike the majority of commercial breeders.

As you can see from the picture above, their pin feathers are white in colour making them less visible when the carcass is eventually dressed – the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas table.

Reduces our Food miles to close to zero

They are fed the same recipe of feed as our Bronze birds, which consists of grain cereals sourced from the local area and then mixed exclusively at Milford Farm. This not only reduces our food miles to close to zero, but ensures we are able to monitor and tweak their diet down to the last grain.

You may be familiar with the sight of these turkeys as these are typically the ones you would see during the “Thanksgiving” pardon undertaken by the President of the United States, although the hens are without the distinctive snood.