Our traditional, Free Range Bronze Turkeys are free to roam across Milford’s luscious green meadow. They are hand reared and carefully nurtured from pasture to plate. We use slow growing Old English traditional breeds such as the Norfolk Black and Devon Bronze.

Their Free Range nature allows for our birds to supplement their diets with grasses and worms; which recreates the natural behaviours as though they were in the wild; this all adds up to a much richer and gamier taste.

Turkey Trivia: The piece of red skin that dangles over the beak is a “Snood”

As the pictures show it is a beautifully eye catching bird, known and referred to as “The Bronze” for their highly unique plumage – Black with an iridescent Bronze like sheen.

Beautifully Eye Catching

Their Journey starts in around April, when they arrive on the farm as “Day Old Poults” (the turkey equivalent of a chick). The birds are reared and matured for the next Seven months, under our watchful and highly experienced eye.

As you can see from the picture above, once our “Stags” move into adolescence they start to show their dominance by “puffing” out their chests and make themselves appear as large as possible by displaying as much of their impressive plumage as possible. It seems to do the trick as the nearby hens get “hot under the feathers”.

Turkey Trivia: A group of Turkeys is called a “Rafter”